IDC 的混合雲的基本指南

依據 IDC 市場調查機構,截至 2018 年,超過 60% 的亞太地區企業 IT 組織將致力於多雲架構,從而推動 IT 組織變革的速度和步伐。隨著「雲端至上」成為亞太地區普遍的選擇,IT 部門主管應如何因應?探索最新的發展情況和考量的關鍵因素,才能確保混合雲成功。

下載 IDC 有關混合雲的資訊簡報 (InfoBrief):

  • 取得基本指引,從雲端獲得敏捷性
  • 克服關鍵的人員、流程和技術挑戰
  • 展開自主探索,實現雲端的承諾

  • 淺談 IDC 有關「在雲端上解除企業敏捷性束縛」的基本指南。

    Innovating digital platforms on cloud

    Enterprises are digitizing their businesses by using IT to manage operations as well as develop and deliver digitally enhanced products, services, and experiences. Cloud provides the digital platform for businesses to innovate at speed and gain business agility to support new business models.
    Modernization of enterprise IT platforms and systems on cloud has thus become the key driver to accelerate these digital transformation initiatives. To enable seamless integration across the enterprise and digital platforms for scalability, performance and security, enterprises require a hybrid cloud framework within a multi cloud architecture.

    Overcoming key People challenges

  • Moving from managing in-house IT systems and applications to cloud’s “as-a-service” model, often results in a complex hybrid architecture of on-premises and multicloud environment.
  • Cloud architect to oversee the organization’s cloud strategy including cloud adoption plans, cloud application design, and cloud management and monitoring.
  • Industry focus expertise to bring industry cloud standards and best practices.
  • Standard cloud deployment templates for efficient customizing and standardizing cloud builds.

  • 請下載完整指南,瞭解如何克服流程和技術挑戰,實現雲端的承諾。


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