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IDC 市場調查機構的年度管理層指標 (C-Suite Barometer) 調查顯示,93% 的經驗長 (CXO) 將資料視為策略性資產。不過資料資源的有效儲存是另一項課題,企業中傳統的 IT 孤島守護著一些非常有價值的資料,而大部分數位化努力都難以將新服務與舊智慧加以聯繫。為了消除傳統與下一代 IT 之間有這種已知分歧,資訊長 (CIO) 必須避免新舊分隔等權宜之計,否則只會延長其陣痛期。

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  • 數位經濟的實際情況以及資訊長優先考量的三項重點
  • 如何選擇正確的儲存解決方案,滿足企業目標需求
  • 有助於確認企業轉型需求的關鍵問題

  • 淺談 IDC 有關「適用於轉型企業的儲存解決方案」的技術焦點。

    Agility is Driving Transformation

    There are many ways to look at the impact of digital transformation on IT, but prime among them is the ability to build more agile IT. There is no denying that data is a strategic asset, as reflected in IDC’s annual C-Suite Barometer survey. However, managing data resources effectively is another matter. The islands of legacy IT within an enterprise stand guard on some extremely valuable data, and most digital endeavors struggle to connect the new services to the old wisdom.
    To bridge this proverbial chasm between legacy and next-generation IT, CIOs need to avoid finding stop-gap solutions, like compartmentalization of old and new, since that will only increase their pains in the longer run.

    Key Questions to Help Identify Enterprise Transformation Needs Related to Agility and Scale

  • Do you have the resources to run your infrastructure to support ten times more customers than today?
  • Can your infrastructure ramp up to meet your digital expansion needs?
  • How is your data stored today, and are you optimising cost by tiering it, building easy access to business and ensuring it scales on demand?
  • Are your internal IT resources struggling to address daily network infrastructure and operational issues?

  • 請下載完整指南,確認與資料可用性、風險和可靠度以及基礎架構開放性相關的其他關鍵問題。

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